MX3000 - Predator Electric Motorcycle

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MX3000 Predator Product Description

The Predator MX3000 is a high performance electric motocross bike. Its scaled down, dirt bike design carries riders up to 220 lbs., recommended for ages 16 and up. Geared for dirt with large 16" and 14" knobby tires for maximum power transfer. It can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. At speeds up to 40 mph, the MX3000 leaves similiar bikes in its dust.

The Predator's powerful 3000-Watt Brushless Motor carries riders at speeds more than enough for most bumpy dirt trails. Its dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the terrain. The Lightning's motor is extremely quiet, a marked contrast to traditional gas-powered bikes. The MX3000 Lightning is ideal for teens who want to enjoy the dirt bike experience without breaking the bank.

Technical Specifications
Speed: Up to 40 mph. (approx. 60 kmh.)
Run Time: Up to 40 minutes of continuous use (Based on riding style and weight)
Motor: 3000 watt brushless motor
Suspension: Dual
Throttle: Twist-grip
Brakes: Hand-operated, dual disc
Frame: Steel
Fork: Double crown
Fairings: Shatter resistant plastic
Handlebars: Adjustable angle, riser style
Grip: Readout of LED voltage gauge
Wheels: Wheels: 16 in. front and 14 in. rear pneumatic tires
Kickstand: Retractable
Foot pegs: Folding, metal
Battery: Sealed lead acid battery pack, rechargeable
Weight of bike: 120 lbs.
Range: Up to 20 miles (Based on riding style and weight)
Includes: Battery charger, LED voltage readout